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Welcome to Brother Beats Studios in the heart of Liverpool city centre well known for its musical heritage in the area of the baltic triangle.

About Us

Music Recording Studio Liverpool

The studio is well known for its large array of equipment and the in house engineer Peter Abbott who was taught by multi platinum award winning engineers and world renowned schools such as Abbey Roads Institute, LIPA, Sae institute & Modular Moon Amsterdam.

 Who we are?

I’m Peter Abbott the owner and in house engineer at Brother Beats studios. I have a real passion for pushing the boundaries of music and thinking outside the box.
“Music is the real magic!”

Upcoming Workshops & Events

Introduction to Ableton - Making a track

Course Fee £300

Modular Moon Liverpool

Contact us for 2024 enrolment dates.

1-2-1 DJ sessions

Fee £36 1 hour £65 2 hour Available Slots Weekly

Music production lessons

£40 per hour £75 2 hour session

Studio Recording lessons

£40 per hour £75 2 hour session

Location Recording lessons

Mixing Lessons

£40 per hour £75 2 hour session

Mastering Lessons

£40 per hour £75 2 hour session

⁠Modular Synthesis Lessons

£40 per hour £75 2 hour session

Brother Beats Studio

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Music Recording Studio Liverpool

Welcome to our Liverpool music recording studio! We are a professional music recording studio that caters to artists of all genres and levels. Our studio is equipped with top-of-the-line equipment and staffed by experienced sound engineers who are passionate about music recording.

Located in the heart of Liverpool, our music recording studio is the ideal place for artists to record their music and bring their creative vision to life. Our fully equipped studio features the latest software, mixing consoles, and instruments to ensure that every recording session is of the highest quality.

At our music recording studio, we believe that every artist deserves to have their music sound great. That’s why our team of sound engineers works closely with every artist to capture their unique sound and style. From song arrangement to final mixing and mastering, we provide guidance and support throughout the recording process.

We offer a range of services at our music recording studio to help artists take their music to the next level. This includes vocal coaching, music production, and songwriting sessions. Our team is committed to helping artists achieve their musical goals and realize their full potential.

Our music recording studio is designed to be a creative and inspiring space where artists can feel comfortable and free to express themselves. We believe that music has the power to bring people together and create positive change, and we are dedicated to helping artists make their mark on the world.

Whether you’re a solo artist or a full band, our music recording studio is the perfect place to record your music. Contact us today to book your recording session and experience the highest quality music recording services in Liverpool!